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Meet the Staff


Marianne Forrest-Harper,

Owner & Licensed Massage Theraptist

Hello my name is Marianne Forrest, I am the owner of Relieving Hands Massage & Bee Fit. I am a liscense massage theraptist with 18 years experience in the health care field. Massage therapy is my passion in life. I truly enjoy educating my community and clients about holistic approach to their health and wellness.  I took the path to become a massage theraptist so I could learn how to help others receive full balance in their life.  I knew from practicing a more natural approach to health and wellness that massage has 1,000s of benefits.  There is not person who massage can not help in some area of wellness from babies thru geriatrics.   The greatest gift is to hear my clients tell me how much better they feel, their quality of sleep has improved or they were able to compete in a competition because of my massages.   The human body is an incredible organism that most do not really take time to understand how every single cell works together to allow your body to function.  As a massage theraptist my responsibility is to understand the body’s functions in every aspect possible.  Even though I have successfully graduated with my Associates degree I continue to study the body, diseases, conditions and how to help my clients regularly.  
   The holistic approach looks at the human body as a whole. There has to be balance spiritually, physically and mentally in order to allow the body to function at its optimal ability. Massage therapy has the ability to help you reach balance in all three areas. You can book your appointment with Marianne at or by calling (330)365-0326

My Business has partnered with Thee Signature Salon to offer our community a one stop spa.

Meet their Staff

Tina Milburn

Owner & Head Stylist

Tina graduated costmetology school then went on to compete in competitions as well as does continous education to stay up on the newest products and trends.  She takes pride in helping her clients feel good about themselves.  Her skills are extensive rather you are looking for trim, small change or something dramatic she is your stylist to go to.  You can book an appointment with her online at or call us (330) 365-0326

Sammi Tristano, Skincare

I graduated from cosmetology school. Making people look and feel beautiful is my favorite thing about being in this field. I love the creativity involved with helping each individual client. It’s my passion to keep up with the trends and to learn new techniques. I specialize in eyebrow and lip threading, waxing, skincare including facials, eyelash extentsions and more. I am accepting new clients and look forward to offering my services to the community. You can book an appointment with her online at or call us (330) 365-0326


Lisa Stoffer, Nail Artist

Lisa is a very diversified nail artist who shows pride, perfection, compassion and a true passion to do all types of nails.  Some of the services available are manicures, pedicures, shellac, acrylics, gel, nail sculpting, free hand nail art and more.  You can book with her online at or call us (330)365-0326.


Ashley Cole, Hair Stylist

Ashley is a youthful, trendy, highly skilled hair stylist with the ability to help you feel amazingly gorgeous.  Ashley has the ability to give you professional advice if needed on your hair, cut/style, color, highlight, mens and childrens as well.  Ashley looks forward to helping you create your sighnature style. You can book an appointment with her online at or call us (330) 365-0326